How to Adopt

So you want to adopt a Greyhound? Here are some Ranch guidelines to assist you:

  • All Greyhound placements are on a first-come, first-reserved basis.
  • All Greyhounds are adopted by application only and the adopting family must agree that the Greyhound will be an indoor pet as Greyhounds are not suited for a life outdoors or chained to a leash.
  • At the time of adoption, all Greyhounds (except for puppies) are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworms, micro-chipped, have had their teeth cleaned and their toenails trimmed. A small adoption fee is therefore charged to cover the cost of these services.
  • All Greyhounds are on “Frontline” and come with a leash, collar, micro-chip information, and a booklet full of information to help you care for your Greyhound.
  • All Greyhounds are crate trained and they can be easily housetrained.
  • If you have a specific greyt dog in mind, make an appointment to see the Greyhound at the Ranchs next Meet & Greet where you can:
    • Complete an adoption application form
    • Pay a deposit to reserve a Greyhound which will be applied towards the adoption fee
    • Schedule a home visit where an adoption contract will be signed (all household members, including other pets, must be present)
  • If the Greyhound is to be adopted by a family, please remember that children must be at least 8 years of age
  • The Ranch is committed to each dog in the program for its entire life. Therefore, if there is ever a need to give up your Greyhound, it must be returned to the Ranch.
  • Although though the Ranch prefers placement within a 70 mile radius of Longwood, Florida, the Ranch will work with other adoption groups to provide placement of a dog outside of the Central Florida area
  • Even though all Greyhounds are greyt and the Ranch has many Greyhounds to choose from, you may identify the characteristics of the Greyhound you want and we will search through our vast network of adoption groups for an ideal match. Once a Greyhound is located, a representative will contact you to schedule a home visit with the Greyhound you have selected. An adoption contract will then be completed at the time of placement.