Fund Raiser – Carpe Canem Benefit Auction

Our first Carpe Canem Benefit Auction is now up and ready for bidding! The auction runs from January 26 to February 1. Check out all the greyt items that have been donated to the auction. All of the funds from this auction will go to help administer our Craiger’s List program. Just click on the title of this post to access the auction. You must register and log in to bid. Happy bidding!!!

Grapehounds – Virginia

Coming in May!!!! Visit us at the brand new regional event! This is a big event where greyhound adopters and the general public are invited to visit several wineries for a celebration of greyhound adoption. Some of the activities will include wine tasting, walks and music; vendors selling greyhound related items will also be on hand. This is going to be a wonderful opportunity for greyhound owners who want to enjoy northern Virginia wineries in the spring. FFGR, Inc. is a participating sponsor and will receive part of the proceeds for our organization. Particpating hotels in the area are waiving pet fees and offering group rates. Keep watching our web site and this event notice for more information!

When: May 14-16, 2010

Cost: $20 per ticket (includes a commemorative, specially designed wine glass as well as other goodies) – a portion of this fee will go to the greyhound adoption group of your choice.

Location: Several wineries in northern Virginia near Leesburg. Both Barrel Oak Winery (Delaplane, VA) and Breaux Winery (Purcellville, VA) are participating. Plans are to add more wineries.

Click on the title of this post for the web site. Keep checking back as we will add more information as we receive it. This is a wonderful opportunity for people in the region to meet and enjoy the company of other greyhound adopters (and their hounds) without having to travel too far!

FFGR, Inc. Forum

If you are an FFGR, Inc. adopter and/or volunteer, you are invited to join our private forum. You will be able to communicate with other adopters and members of our group; stay informed about what is happening in the world of greyhounds; read articles about greyhounds; see videos and photographs that other adopters post; share stories about your greyhound; ask for advice; celebrate special moments with others about your hound; volunteer for special events and projects; and, feel like a part of a family!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please log on to our forum and register by creating a username and password. You must identify yourself in a way that we will know that you are an adopter/volunteer, etc. You can use your hound’s name or any other information that helps us know who you are. After you join, you will be anonymous (unless you want to be identified). Once you register, you will be approved for membership.

Then you can bookmark the forum link and sign in to check the posts. The forum is easy to use. It is exactly like other greyhound forums. We hope that you will join us!

To get to our Forum link, just click on the title of this post!!!!

Rainbow Bridge

WVs Glendon (2/19/2003 – 1/11/2010)

Glendon came into our program in 2006 and was fostered by Mindy and Brian Dicken. Mindy and Brian thought Glendon was a wonderful dog, but they let him go into a home when an adopter was approved. Glendon spent very little time with his new adopter. He suffered from severe separation anxiety which brought him back to Mindy and Brian. From the moment Glendon walked back into their home, Glendon showed them without a doubt that his home was to be right where he was. He settled in and never had a bit of anxiety from that moment on. Glendon was a dog that knew what he wanted.

Glendon was part of a busy and active family with children, four other greyhounds, cats and a Great Dane. It’s where he flourished.

Recently, Glendon started limping and within a very short time he was in a lot of pain. A vet visit revealed that he had cancer and it was in a location where amputation would be almost impossible. The cancer was advanced to the point where the only option was to put Glendon on pain medication. Mindy and Brian made the heartbreaking but unselfish decision to let Glendon cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We are sorry that Glendon did not live a long life with Mindy and Brian. But we do know that he lived the best life possible where he had lots of love and companionship. Glendon will be sadly missed by the Dicken family.

Message from Mindy:

I would like to take the time to say THANK YOU to my Fast Friends Family…
Most of you, I have not even met – yet, several of you sent cards and notes to show your sympathy and compassion for the loss of our precious Glendon…
I knew that by “being owned” by 5 greyhounds – cancer was sure to take the life of at least one of them. That is the chance we take when we make the commitment to allow these beautiful creatures into our lives and into our hearts. I have to say though, that even KNOWING this does not prepare you for the heartache you feel when that special “light” leaves this world.
Hettie was so correct when she said Glendon chose his home. He was SUCH a wonderful boy! He was one of our first fosters, and was placed into what was supposedly a “greyhound-savvy home”. It was not but a couple of weeks before the person I adopted him to called me to say I was to “come and pick him up, because he was destroying her house”. I didn’t want Glendon to be with this person for one more minute, so I immediately went to pick him up. When I got Glendon back to our house, he walked in – and went straight to the crate he had been using when he was here – and just laid down and sighed a sigh that sounded like pure-relief! He was “home” – and I could physically see he was happy and content to be back! I spoke to Hettie, and when she heard this, she was more than happy to allow us to keep Glendon and give him the love he deserved!
From that point on, Glendon spent his time lounging and relaxing! He never showed ANY of the so-called “separation anxiety” that he was bounced for! He has happy and content – and was so very attuned to “his people”. He was sensitive to MY emotions – and when I was upset, HE would be RIGHT THERE for me! I loved this dog so much – and he brought me so much joy.
Glendon was a greyt ambassador for greyhounds – and loved the Meet and Greets at the Country Club Mall. He loved the attention of the people there – especially the children! He loved to “go for rides” and got SO excited when he heard the sound of his collar and leash! I could barely get the leash ON him, he would be so excited to “go” somewhere! In his short lifetime, he was able to travel with us to the beach several times – and was able to go camping with us MANY times. He was always the FIRST one to start the “ROO” session at every greyhound picnic we attended, and especially LOVED to run in the snow! Even when he was limping with cancer, he ran and played in the snow like a puppy… It makes me happy that he enjoyed life THAT much – that even when he was in what had to be excruciating pain, he still enjoyed something as simple and beautiful as the falling snow…
His last day, he was even glad to be “going somewhere” – and was happy to put on his collar and leash, for what was to be his last ride…
When the vet said cancer – and that it was “high” and “involved arteries” – we knew we could not be selfish and make a dog that brought us so much joy suffer for even ONE more night. We made the decision right then to let him go to the bridge with dignity. Although it was hard for us, it was very easy and peaceful for him. He is now “zooming“ with the grey’s who went before him – with no boundaries and no fences! He can run anywhere as fast as he wants to run, and when he is tired, he is now able to “roach” (he was a BIG roacher) on a soft, fluffy cloud.
We will always miss our special boy – who made the decision to share his life with US – and we are so lucky to have been able to share our lives with him – if only for a little while…
Once again, thank you all for your kind thoughts and words…
It is so nice to gain friends when you adopt these special dogs – and that has been one of the BEST parts of being involved with Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue… the fact that we have been able to share our joy with so many other people. Hettie and Bill allowing us to have a hand (and heart) in the adoption process for others – and allowing us to bring these special dogs into the lives of others, has enriched our lives forever.
We will be forever grateful to them for allowing us to love Glendon…
Thanks again,
Mindy Dicken


BRRRR!!!!! It’s been a really frigid winter and the hounds have been reluctant to go outside! We can’t blame them. So are we! We have some great double fleece coats in our Greytdogs Store and we have just made another order to bring even more in! Check out the assortment we offer and take advantage of the great prices.

Petfinder Site

For those who have not checked our Petfinder Site out yet, here’s the link!

Many of the dogs that we showcase on our Petfinder site are either waiting at the farm kennel for our group to bring into our program as we have space, are already in foster care in our program or are Craiger’s List dogs in foster care or in another program waiting for an interested adopter to request them. We work with many other groups and farm kennels to help place dogs that have been waiting a long time for adoption and/or have some issues relating to health and/or behavior that might not make them highly adoptable.

No matter where all of our dogs come from, ALL are fostered before being placed in an adoptive home unless the adopters are experienced greyhound adopters. All dogs are profiled in terms of personality and whether or not they get along with cats, small animals and children. No dog is placed with cats or children unless it has successfully lived in a home similar to where it will be placed.

Keep checking back often as we change the site when news dogs become available and when dogs are adopted or taken by another group.

New Years Resolutions for our Hounds!

Adopters Checklist And New Year’s Resolutions

Since the new year has arrived, we thought it would be a good idea to make up a check list of things that would help you get through the year and make sure your hound is safe, healthy, and happy.

_____Always be vigilant and look for signs that your hound is not feeling well. Consider a medical reason for sudden behavior changes first.

_____Use heartworm/flea and tick preventative; add a reminder to your calendar monthly so you don’t forget.

_____Check gate latches daily; place a sign on gates warning contractors or visitors to keep gates closed. Lock gates that are not used daily.

_____Check fence lines for holes and depressions where a hound can crawl or slip through. Make repairs.

_____Check all doors to make sure they close correctly or don’t fly open accidentally. Add a baby gate to doors where a hound can jump out accidentally (i.e., screened doors) when you come and go.

_____Check the yard often to make sure nothing harmful has been dropped or thrown in it that your hound could eat.

_____Make sure your hound does not get too cold or hot outdoors. Be watchful for signs of distress when you are outdoors with your hound.

_____Wash and change water in water bowls frequently and make sure there is always a fresh supply of clean water available.

_____When changing your hound’s food, make sure it’s done slowly and wait an entire month before changing his/her diet again.

_____Check vaccination records and make sure all are up to date; add the date the shots are due on your calendar so that you can make an appointment to see your vet.

_____Make sure that your hound’s teeth are clean; brush teeth often or have their teeth cleaned once a year; check for bad breath which might indicate dental problems.

_____Check collars monthly for wear and tear and loose hardware. Replace worn collars.

_____At all times, keep your own ID tag as well as the FFGR, Inc. ID tag on your hound(s).

_____Inspect leashes often and replace leashes that have slits in them or are fraying.

_____Make sure no tags are on the D-ring that tightens the collar. Use a tag collar or place tags elsewhere where they can’t tighten the collar if they get caught in anything.

_____Check weekly to ensure the collar is adjusted to fit snuggly. Test by bringing the collar up to behind the ears. Pull D-ring to tighten collar. You should be able to place two fingers inside the loop at the dog’s neck.

_____Inspect all toys often and throw away any that are torn. Keep fiberfill from beds and toys away from your hound so it can’t be ingested.

_____When repairing plush toys, use only upholstery or breakable thread; don’t use nylon or polyester thread that, when swallowed, can be caught in the digestive tract.

_____Throw away all rubber toys that can be easily chewed up into small pieces and swallowed.

_____Regularly inspect bones and rawhides; throw away all small and old pieces; replace with new ones.

_____Keep your hound’s nails clipped; don’t allow them to get so long that your hound has a hard time walking. Adhere to a schedule for nail clipping.

_____Check ears monthly to make sure they are clean; watch for scratching and pawing at the ears and head shaking (sign of infection).

_____Check constantly to make sure that any cleaning products, medications, etc. are high up on shelves and out of the way of your hound. Keep counters clear of same.

_____Put together a contingency plan NOW for boarding your hounds, etc. in case an emergency comes up and you have to leave your home immediately.

_____Consider NOW what would happen to your hound(s) in case you get sick, die, have an accident, lose your home, etc. Give the information to someone you trust.

_____Love your hounds as they love you!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

We hope that all of our adopters, volunteers, friends, and visitors enjoy our new blog. We wish you all the best in the coming year. May our mission always be to do what is in the best interest of the hounds we have in our care. Check often for information!