Petfinder Site

For those who have not checked our Petfinder Site out yet, here’s the link!

Many of the dogs that we showcase on our Petfinder site are either waiting at the farm kennel for our group to bring into our program as we have space, are already in foster care in our program or are Craiger’s List dogs in foster care or in another program waiting for an interested adopter to request them. We work with many other groups and farm kennels to help place dogs that have been waiting a long time for adoption and/or have some issues relating to health and/or behavior that might not make them highly adoptable.

No matter where all of our dogs come from, ALL are fostered before being placed in an adoptive home unless the adopters are experienced greyhound adopters. All dogs are profiled in terms of personality and whether or not they get along with cats, small animals and children. No dog is placed with cats or children unless it has successfully lived in a home similar to where it will be placed.

Keep checking back often as we change the site when news dogs become available and when dogs are adopted or taken by another group.

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