Identification Tags – FFGR, Inc.

When you adopted your greyhound, you received an identification tag that has been placed on the collar. On the tag, in addition to our group’s name, address and phone number, is a four digit number that is your dog’s unique number in our data base. This number is important because it is how we identify your dog in the event that it is picked up by someone and we get a call about it. We know that sometimes, no matter how diligent we are, a pet can get loose. This identification tag gives us the ability to help you (when we get notified and start a seach)in the event that you are looking for your dog and are not at home to receive a phone call. When someone calls to tell us that they have found a dog, we ask for the number and then find that number in our data base. Along with your information, we keep on file the dog’s name and ear tatoo numbers.

We require all adopters to keep the tag on their dog’s collar; in addition we suggest that the dog be microchipped or at least carry a separate identification tag with the adopter’s information on it.

We often get calls that the FFGR, Inc. identification tag was lost. We are happy to order a new tag, but we also provide each adopter with the information for ordering a new one. Our group uses LOVEYOURPETS.COM for ordering new tags. These tags are well made, reasonably priced and are shipped quickly after ordering. If you order a new tag, the following information can be placed on the tag:

XXXX (Your dog’s I.D. number in our data base)

If you don’t know your dog’s I.D. number, you can look on the cover of your adoption folder and/or on your adoption contract.

Since our group was founded, we have had a low number of hounds get lost and have maintained a 100% recovery of hounds that have been lost. We attribute this to the tags that a dog was wearing when it got loose and to all of our adopters who take this responsibility seriously.

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