Five years ago today (April 20, 2005), our group received our corporate charter here in Maryland. It’s hard to believe that our organization has been in existence for five whole years. We could never have imagined five years ago what having this group would have been all about. We’ve come a long way. In that time, we have found homes for nearly 325 individual dogs. When we first started we said that we’d start off “slow” – maybe one adoption a month. But this never materialized! Thus far, we’ve averaged five adoptions every month over the course of the last five years!!! This is something to be very proud of as we are a small group in a relatively rural area.

Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who made us what we are. We appreciate the hard work, dedication, unending support, patience and understanding for what we have been trying to accomplish. Some volunteers have been with us since the very beginning. Some have come and gone. But EACH has brought something special to this group and we give them all credit for what they have given to greyhound adoption. We would not be here and doing so well had it not been for all of those people who have donated in so many ways to helping us get this far.

As we start our sixth year, we dedicate ourselves to work even harder for those greyhounds that are looking for homes. We will continue to work hard to find homes for the harder to place hounds through Craiger’s List. OK, time to get back to work!!!!

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