Greyhound Point of View

I can’t figure out why everyone is so excited. It’s just another truck, nothing unusual. In fact, it looks like only half a truck. It has ten compartments down each side of the body with little grates on each door – certainly nothing to excite someone of normal intelligence. It’s dark outside. So! We’ve traveled in the dark before. The truck
traveled all night. Big deal. Lots of trucks travel all night. The driver looks and smells like all the other drivers. What is all the fuss about? Suddenly, a door opened. The sunlight shining on the steel door was so bright it was blinding. The driver reached in and lifted a tired body out of the cage. Holding on tightly to the collar, he asked, “Who wants this one? His name is Flash. “He’s ours!” was the anxious cry. “He is so beautiful!” Gentle hands reached out tenderly to touch the quivering body. “It’s okay fella, don’t worry, you’re safe now.” Slowly as gentle touches caressed the exhausted body, it began to relax. Soothing words are whispered into tense ears straining to catch every word spoken. Volunteers hurried to fulfill every need of the occupants. I still could not figure out what all the fuss was about. Then the door in front of me opened ,”This one is special,” the driver said, “It’s going to need extra TLC. It didn’t fair too well on the trip. Who belongs to this one? A quiet voice from the back whispered, “Me, I think that one is meant for me.” As the owner of the quiet voice came forward, my frightened eyes peered around the driver. Fear was evident yet, underneath there was something else. As our eyes met, something mystical happened! My frightened body grew as if touched by a magic wand. The small voice began quietly at first, then raised with each word until I could hear it over all the noise at the busy rest stop. “It’s okay now, you’re safe, you’re home.” it said. “You will never have to be afraid again. You are mine now. I will take care of you.” said the voice. Gentle caresses touched taut muscles massaging away all the pain. Slowly, with each circle the fingers made, my body began to lean against the legs belonging to the voice. “It may be too weak or tired to walk” said the driver. “That’s okay, I’ll do the walking”, said the voice. Confident arms reached down and scooped me up. I tensed; then, just as quickly, relaxed against the warm body holding me. My head hung over arms gently cradling my now limp body. Goodbyes were said. As the others headed back to their vehicles, the quiet voice spoke again. “Let’s go, Magic, you have a new home waiting for you with all the love you can handle.” Now I know what all the excitement was about. We’ve been adopted. WOW!

The above article was written after witnessing the arrival of a greyhound hauler from Florida. It is what the writer believes a greyhound’s perspective would be if they could talk. Anyone who has ever witnessed this event is never the same again. It is an experience that touches the deepest part of your heart. Volunteer to help pick up the greyhounds when they arrive; it is well worth your time.

Helen Coleman

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