Events – Meet and Greet Schedule Changes

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, we have made some changes in our meet and greet schedule that should make us even more available for meeting potential adopters! Right now we have a most impressive meet and greet schedule!!! Here is what has changed:

Dan will be hosting a new meet and greet at the Petco on the Golden Mile in Frederick. We have that scheduled for the next three months to coincide with their National Adoption Weekend which is usually on the third weekend of each month. This month, July, it will be held on the fourth Saturday because of other scheduled events at their store but will go back to the third weekend in August; that is when Dan will be there.

Megan will be taking over Dan’s meet and greet at the Frederick Petsmart on the first Saturday of each month. Thanks Megan!

We are rescheduling our meet and greets at the Hagerstown Petco from the first Sunday of each month to the third Sunday of each month. That will coincide with their National Adoption Weekend. Mary and Mike will be taking this over in August.

Jimmy has held an “extra” meet and greet at the Petco in Ranson for this past year to coincide with their adoption weekends too. This is in addition to his regularly scheduled one at Petco on the second Saturday of the month and the Martinsburg Petsmart on the third Saturday of each month. AND he also helps at the Country Club Mall in Cumberland on the fourth Saturday of each month!

We will still be holding a meet and greet at the Frederick County Humane Society on the third Saturday of each month and Megan is volunteering to host that as well!

AND, all of our other meet and greet locations are still in place; we thank those volunteers for hosting these events each month.

We have not scheduled any outdoor events this summer even though we’ve been invited to a number of venues. We feel that it’s been way too hot for our hounds (and us!) and it’s not worth risking the health of a dog (or person) to do these. As soon as things cool down a little we can revisit those possibilities as they come up.

We have been invited to vend at the Maryland GPA picnic to be held on September 19 and we think that will be a lot of fun! That usually brings out a lot of people and their hounds.

Thanks to EVERYONE who is willing to continually give of their time each month to host a meet and greet for our group. It ABSOLUTELY makes a difference! Most of our applications come from these meet and greet events. Please know that we are aware of how much time and effort it takes to do this and it is greytly appreciated!

Please check our events calendar on out web site often; in addition to our regular meet and greet events, we are always adding new events when they are scheduled.

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