Emergency Auction for Greyhounds

Thursday evening, July 8, Fort Worth Animal Control Cruelty Investigation Officers took 28 dogs (mostly greyhounds and sight hounds)into custody. Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT) was contacted as greyhounds were included in the seize. At GALTs request, Greyhounds Unlimited was notified and they also joined in this effort. GALT and GU are the only adoption groups in the DFW/north Texas area equipped to help stray and shelter greyhounds. Friday morning, representatives from GALT and GU met with Diane Whiteley, the Executive Director of the Texas Greyhound Association, to assess the dogs. The greyhounds were taken in by GALT and GU and a number of other rescue groups took in other breeds included in the seizure. A total of seventeen greyhounds were in the seizure of dogs. There are videos and pictures on their websites which are very hard to watch.

The condition of the greyhounds was absolutely appalling and shocking. Weights on the females and males range from 35 to 51 pounds. Besides being extremely thin, each dog was covered with more ticks than can ever be imagined. These groups will have enormous medical bills in order to bring these greyhounds back to health. Unfortunately, one greyhound (Braden) was in such bad condition that all attempts of save him failed. He did not make it through his ordeal. Many of the greyhounds have been diagnosed with erhlichia and heartworm disease.

Because of the enormity of the veterinarian and other bills associated with helping these dogs get healthy again, an emergency Carpe Canem Auction is now running to help earn funds for the groups that are caring for the dogs.

There are hundreds of wonderful items being offered on this auction and anything you bid on will be directly used to help these dogs and the groups caring for them.

Our group has donated four items for this auction. Please consider helping by bidding on the items on this auction. You can access the auction web site by clicking on the title of this post.

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