Publicity – National PR for FFGR, Inc.!

Our organization has received word that our work will be mentioned on a nationally broadcasted radio program about pets. The program is broadcasted on WCCO News Radio 830. It will be aired today at around 3:00 p.m. central time. The topic discussed today will be Taking the Journey: When Serious Illness Occurs The speaker will be Dr. Todd Metcalf, of Harmony Veterinary Care, Prescott, Arizona. The work of our group will be mentioned and our Greyhound Adopter’s Pledge will be read.

We are hoping to form a partnership with the folks at PetzLife who produce this radio program. We appreciate the work they do and for helping our group by recognizing our work (and Craiger’s List).

Tune in via your computer to hear the program. You can also access the PetzLife web site by clicking on the subject of this blog post.

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