How to Help FFGR, Inc.

Would you like to help Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue, Inc. and don’t have the extra time to spend driving and attending events, etc.? Would you like to help our organization from the comfort of your own home? We have a greyt idea for you!

Are you an Ebay seller? Do you list items to sell on Ebay? Well our organization is a part of Ebay! Our rescue group is a recognized charity on Mission Fish.

Here’s how it works:

If you sell an item on Ebay, you list it as you normally would. When you list your item, you will go to Mission Fish and pick our organization to donate to (click on the blue and yellow ribbon) and then list a percentage of the proceeds to share in the sale. You can list an item for a percentage or all of it to benefit our organization.

● Once the item is listed, the bidding begins on Ebay (our group would reserve the right to cancel an item listed on our behalf as we get notice of the listing).

● If the item sells, the seller gets paid by the buyer and ships the item – same as always.

● Mission Fish collects the donation from the seller, pays our organization, and provides a tax receipt to the seller.

Mission Fish also gives organizations like ours the ability to do an on line auction to benefit our group. We hope to get one scheduled soon.

If you like to sell things on Ebay and/or are interested in putting together an auction for our group (we have all the items, photos and descriptions), please contact Hettie at

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