New Video on Utube for FFGR, Inc.

We are happy to announce that our organization has a wonderful new way to advertise our mission! We are now on Utube! We were fortunate enough to meet two very talented students at Towson State University who were taking a class in Electronic Media and Film. Under the direction of their professor, Dr. Dave Reiss, Ryan Pew and Joe Freeman worked very hard and spent many hours with our volunteers and greyhounds to produce a spectacular 6 minute wide screen high definition video that highlights the work we do to find homes for our greyhounds.

We are very touched that Ryan and Joe were so dedicated to producing just the perfect video; they came back to visit us and filmed us sometimes doing even the most mundane part of our work. They wanted to capture the whole world of greyhound adoption on film. We think it was to our benefit that they were so detail oriented and diligent about producing a great product.

We have posted our video on the home page of our web site and we hope that it will give people interested in adopting a greyhound a sense of how we work and how we fulfull our mission.

Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for being so willing to speak on behalf of the greyhounds!

Here is our video:

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