Lost Greyhound (Barbie) Update

Barbie has been found! Someone recognized a greyhound on the loose and reported it; it as Barbie. It took Skip and Dotty and some family members a few hours to locate her and then work to get her to come to them. One family member sat on the ground and held up a treat. That got her close enough. We are all so happy that, after exactly six days on the loose in the coldest temperatures of the year, she was able to get back to her home.

She is heading to the vet to be checked. She is very thin and tired and has some bleeding from scrapes. We are all hopeful that the time outside did no irreparable harm.

We are thankful to so many in the area where Skip and Dotty live who helped out the entire time she was missing. No one gave up. It was a tireless effort, but it paid off. We continue to pray for Barbie and that she gets back to normal very soon!!

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