Focus on Fosters – Kyle

Kyle came into our group over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. He has been looking for his forever home since then. We have had Kyle in our foster home for nearly two months and we think that he is a WONDERFUL greyhound! He is also a VERY handsome dog too, with his sweet eyes and long nose!

We think that it’s taken longer for Kyle to find his forever home because of his age. He turned seven on November 23 of 2010. In addition, Kyle is not cat safe. He may be trainable to the experienced adopter, but we think that he would probably be better off in a home without cats.

Kyle is a hidden treasure. You cannot get a better dog than him. He is so well behaved, low key, quiet, cooperative, loving, easy going, engaged, sweet natured – on and on and on. We will never run out of good words about Kyle.

Kyle had a dental when he came in to our group and he lost seventeen teeth. Therefore, he is limited in his ability to chew on bones, etc., but his tooth loss does not impact him at all. He can still find enjoyment in chewing on bones and bully sticks; it just takes a little longer. He has no trouble eating his kibble. With good dental care, the rest of his teeth should last him the rest of his life.

He loves taking walks on the leash and is one of the best dogs in our foster home to walk. He loves his crate and never objects to being in it. But he is perfect without it. We think he would make a great only dog or he could go into a home with other dogs and be fine as well. He is confident and doesn’t mind changes or upsets – he rolls with the flow.

We would love to find Kyle his forever home. Anyone who adopts him will certainly be getting a wonderful dog. We suggest to anyone considering Kyle as a possible dog for their home and who might be worried about the “age thing”, please be mindful that youth does not always guarantee that a dog will be with you longer. Dogs die when fate dictates. We all are sad and mourn the loss of a wonderful friend. To have a dog means that we will eventually lose them. However, nothing good is lost without pain. These older dogs are so much more settled and secure and have so much to give. Kyle would make a good dog for a first time adopter.

Please think seriously about giving Kyle a chance. Anyone adopting him will not regret it at all.

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