Help Wanted! – Foster a Greyhound!

Have you recently lost your greyhound and do not want to adopt again just yet? Do you love greyhounds but are not in the position to adopt? Do you want to do something to give back to the community and help make a difference? Then you might want to think about fostering a greyhound!

In today’s economy, greyhound adoption organizations (as well as other animal adoption organizations) are having a more difficult time finding people who are willing to help. However, this does not stop the influx of hounds looking for homes. There is still a need to find homes for hounds and it is even more important now that more dogs are coming off the tracks.

If you have any experience with greyhounds and can help, we need YOU! Won’t you consider taking in one greyhound this year to help find it a home? Almost all of our greyhounds have already been fostered and are used to being in a home. You will only need to care for the hound until we find it a home.

We will take care of ALL of the expenses as well as provide food, crate, preventatives, toys, etc. We require that you help profile the dog to make sure that we know what home would be best for it and we would require you to be accessible if we need to communicate with you.

Many people have told us that they cannot foster because they would want to keep the dog or would have a hard time giving it up. This is a common problem. In fact, in 2010, we lost twelve foster homes because the foster family adopted the dog. This is a GOOD a problem but it leaves us without the foster homes we need! Please consider taking in that one dog that will get a chance that it would not otherwise get.

You can read more about our foster program by clicking on the title of this post. All we are asking is for you to open your heart and give one dog a chance.

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