Rainbow Bridge – Romac (Rowan)

July 26, 2002 – February 23, 2011

There are no words to speak to the pain we feel over losing Rowan. To us she was way too young. But she is gone from a brain tumor that took her vision and her spirit so quickly. She was only eight years old and we had hoped that she would have been with us many more years.

If it is possible to describe one dog as being perfect, Rowan came the closest of any dog we ever had. She was perfect in every single way to us; a little beauty queen. She NEVER did anything wrong. She was a wonderful dog that God had perfected and then threw away the mold.

She was my girl friend. I can’t count how many meet and greets she did. I can’t count the number of home visits she accompanied me on. I don’t exaggerate when I say that we could have adopted her a hundred times over. I can’t even count the number of times she visited the nursing homes making so many people smile. She saved lives because she was a blood donor for awhile. None of the dogs here could ever out run her. She ran with joy and abandon each time she went out in our field. If she was a human, she would be one that would have been recognized for the contribution she made to this world. She was truly a giver.

In the last couple of weeks we knew that something bad was happening. We now think that because she was so good, she never let us know how badly she felt. It took the neurologist to determine that her vision was gone in one eye. That is why she was so hesitant to walk across the floors she knew so well for so long.

I dreamt of Rowan last night. She ran toward me with that bounce and dog smile that reassured me that she is OK now. Although I selfishly want her back, she is gone. But Bill and I are so lucky to have found sweet Rowan and are honored that she was so willing to share her life with us.

Find Ajay Ro Ro. He’s just a little ahead of you. I’m sure the angels are looking for their newest member.

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