Rainbow Bridge – B’s Morgan Adams (Morgan)

May 1, 1996 – May 13, 2011

Once in awhile a very special greyhound enters our lives. Morgan came to us in March of 2010 after being in a home for many years. Her owner had a run of bad luck and Morgan was placed in an adoption kennel for several months. The people who ran the kennel were concerned for her well being because of her age and negotiated with the owner to give Morgan up for a real home. We were happy to bring Morgan into our lives and give her a home for however long she needed it.

We never expected that Morgan would be one of the greatest blessings we ever received in our lives. When we got her to our home, we knew that she may not live very long but we were committed to giving her the best and most loving home possible. But when she arrived she turned our lives into a most wonderful adventure and it lasted a little over a year. We had anticipated a few weeks to months. But it was our good fortune to have her in our lives for so long.

To say she was special was an understatment! She was a huge presence with her bubbly personality and good natured attitude. She was such a “can do” dog! And she was funny! We laughed at her antics all the time.

She never gave over to another dog and they all respected her and gave her plenty of space. She always got the bed she wanted, the space she needed and the attention she demanded. She knew what she wanted and had a way of letting us all know exactly what she wanted! We could read every expression on her face and in her eyes.

In spite of her ailing health as she aged, she never slowed down and found a way to adjust to everything. She had a tail wag and a kiss for everyone all the time. Never have we been around a dog with so much spirit and vigor. She could turn the worst day into something to laugh about.

Getting up in the morning was always wonderful as Morgan was there with her kisses and a wagging tail to greet us.

We will miss Morgan more than words can say. In spite of the fact that we only had her a short time, we would never have missed having her in our lives for anything. There is a huge empty hole in our hearts that will never be filled.

Rest in peace sweet Morgan knowing that here on this earth you have made many friends and were deeply, deeply loved.

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