Focus on Fosters – Desi

Desi is a wonderful senior girl!!! She is nine years old and is one of the very best greyhounds our group has taken in. We have had Desi in our program since November 2010. She was born October 1, 2001 and she weighs approximately 70 pounds.

We took Desi in from a Florida farm when her owners decided that she deserved a life in retirement after being a brood mom. She had a number of puppies that are either currently racing or have been adopted after their racing careers ended. Desi was a great racer herself as well.

We can’t brag on Desi enough! She is just the perfect dog. She settled in to her foster home in record time and has been no trouble since her arrival. In fact, she is such a good dog that we sometimes have to remind ourselves that she is here! She is not demanding in the least; has a load of self confidence; gets along with all of the other dogs; loves taking walks; is perfect in the house; is low key and laid back to the maximum; loves to eat!; and, she is beautiful!

We do not understand why Desi has not found her forever home yet. We love her and feel that she is a treasure waiting for someone to discover her. Perhaps because she is not cat safe she has been over looked. But surely there must be a home for her where having a cat safe dog is not important.

Desi is such a great dog that we are sure she could be an only dog and be contented to be at home while her adopters work all day. She goes into her crate perfectly when she needs to be crated but can certainly live without one. This attribute is something special to us as she is a dog that is flexible in all respects.

After working so hard to earn a living racing and then producing new racers for her owners, Desi certainly has earned her right to her own home for the rest of her life.

Desi is on our Craiger’s List and her adoption fee will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation for cancer research if she finds her forever home.

Desi’s racing name is Finaldestination. Will her final destination be your couch! Please give Desi a chance. You will NOT be sorry.

Call us for more information on Desi.

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