Event – Yard Sale Success!

Thanks to all of our GREYT volunteers, adopters, friends, family members, supporters and the public, our yard sale was a wonderful success!

For weeks we collected items to sell at the yard sale and we made sure that we advertised it well. By the day of the sale, we had collected enough items to fill an entire trailer! The sale was held at the home of Jo and CL Long and they pulled out all the stops to make sure everything was done well. Jo and CL not only donated the use of their entire back yard and property along a very well traveled road, but they gave us full run of the property to store all the yard sale items prior to the sale. They provided us with the trailer and gave all of our volunteers access to it so sale items could be dropped off any time. The also brought out the grill and made all of the volunteers lunch. Thanks to another generous neighbor, another flat bed trailer was made available to display sale items.

The tables for our sale were loaned to us by the wonderful folks at the Frederick County Humane Society; they have been a true supporter of our organization from the beginning. The tables all came in handy when we started setting our merchandise as they filled up quickly1

The yard was perfect for nearly 20 hounds that visited to run in and they all had a blast! We also had a delivery of two new hounds from Florida. We were so busy the day of the yard sale that several volunteers (who live some distance from us) helped bring our hounds to us. Thanks to Connie and Steve who picked them up in Ashland, VA (in the middle of the night no less), and to John and Mary who met them in Fredericksburg, VA and brought them up to our location. We are so grateful for this help, especially considering that these volunteers live so far away and were happy to drive long distances to help out the hounds.

There are so many volunteers who went out of their way to help out and donate so much to our sale. Thanks to all who donated so much. We also thank those who paid for the advertising, who made signs, who worked the day of the sale, etc. Everyone played a huge part in making this yard sale such a success.

In spite of a questionable weather forecast, the storms and rain hit all around us but not on us! At the end of the day we made $1,750, WAY more than we ever anticipated!

We are looking forward to our next events! ROOOOOOS to all of our wonderful volunteers!!!!

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