Life at a Greyhound Track

If you have never been to a greyhound track and wonder what your adopted retired racer’s life was like we have some great information for you! We constantly talk to potential adopters about how well trained a greyhound is when it is racing. These wonderful athletes are familiar with routine and know what to expect. They are amazing creatures; therefore, we need to honor their past as well as enjoy them as pets. We are now asking those who apply to adopt from our organization to watch a slide show on what life was like at the track. We think that this will help people to understand their dogs when they go into their new homes. We have also added the link to the slide show on our Greytlinks page of our web site and will include it on other pages of our web site as well for people researching the breed before adoption.

We hope that you enjoy this show and learn something from it. You can access the link to the slide show by clicking on the title of this post.

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