Rainbow Bridge – Chessie

We are sorry to report that one of our adopters and volunteers has lost her beloved greyhound to cancer. Although Chessie was not adopted through our group, she was ever so much a part of our FFGR, Inc. extended family. We received the following email about Chessie from Anne Celeste (and Helen Coleman) recently:

It never ceases to amaze me how the loss of one animal can leave such a huge hole in a home. It is with sad heart, that I must report the loss of our dear Chessie Belle (8 year old)brindle female that left us for the Rainbow Bridge 11:30 p.m. Sunday evening. Chessie fractured her hip in a freak accident at home. While the hip was repairable, the cause was not…Osteosarcoma. There was no warning, few signs (none attributable to osteo), and the shock has left us dazed and heartbroken.

When Chessie first came to us she was fearful of being touched or restricted in any way. You could admire her from afar but to hold her close or even be petted was torture to her. We loved her on her terms until one day out of the blue, Chessie came over demanding to get her share of affection! We were thrilled to say the least. Over the years, Chessie and Jetta Sue (our other greyhound)formed an alliance, a sisterhood of sorts. They could read each other’s thoughts and with one glance, would begin a charge to the back yard as though words had been spoken. If one of them went to the door, the other would magically appear a few seconds later from a different part of the house. A secret language, we had only begun to understand.

Chessie had lots of love pent up inside of her and recently she began to share it with her family and friends. Unka Bill was her savior and he always saw that she got a tidbit or two from meals. Her signals were very vague, when she came to you, you might think she wanted to be petted but in truth she was telling you she needed to go outside. Undemanding, loving, gentle, and always smiling, only begin to describe this special girl.

It near broke my heart to hold her magnificent head in my lap, communicating to her through my hands the love we shared, as she gently slipped away to begin her next journey. Please join me in wishing Chessie Belle a swift and safe journey to the Bridge.

Chessie Belle, you take with you the most valuable thing I own, THE PIECE OF MY HEART THAT BELONGS ONLY TO YOU. Fly free our sweet darling. We shall meet again when all things have been made equal and we both trod the paths at the Rainbow Bridge. Parting is such a sorrow but the loving and knowing you sweetens the bitterness of our loss.

Run free sweet Chessie; you were greatly loved.

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