Yard Sale Recap

No one would have guessed, when it was suggested back in the early part of the summer that we hold a yard sale to earn funds for our hounds, that it would be such a huge success. Yard sales are “iffy” fund raisers. A lot depends on the weather, the types of items that are being sold and how many people show up to buy things.

But our fundraising yard sales can be described as a GREYT success! We know why. First, so many people where involved in this project that the work was minimal and very easy. So many people donated so many items that it took a large car hauling trailer to hold them all! And the donations kept coming. All donations were extremely nice, clean and items that almost anyone would want to buy. People really came through with wonderful donations that were way better than expected.

Next, everyone joined in to publicize the sale and organize items for sale. The organization was spot on in every aspect. By the day of the sale, all items were organized into groups that made it easy for shoppers to see. So many volunteers turned out to help that no one had that much work to do.

We found that people were more willing to purchase items and pay more (as a donation) to help out when they knew that the sale was to benefit a non-profit. Many people did not purchase anything but gave a donation anyway.

Items that were left over from the first sale were packed away and organized. For the second sale (during Boonsboro Days) all items were very easily unwrapped and set up. The second sale provided a means for us to sell what little was remaining from the first sale and it worked like a charm. People again were generous and not only bought to help our organization and the hounds, but many again made donations willingly.

At the end of this project we ended up making close to $2,500 and had so little left that we will sell that on Ebay. It involved very little work which made this a wonderful project. Therefore, nothing has gone to waste.

We know that this project would not have been as successful without the help of all our volunteers. We thank everyone for making this fund raiser such a huge success. Everyone had so much fun that we are talking about another yard sale next year!

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