Rainbow Bridge – Flying Alysheba (Sheba)

March 1, 2000 – September 18, 2011

It’s with great sadness that we report the loss of a wonderful senior girl, Sheba. Sheba was a wonderful eleven year old greyhound that had been returned to another group when her owner could no longer care for her. We offered to bring her to Maryland (along with her companion Shadow) and find her a home via Craiger’s List. Isaac and Jeff read their story and description on line and asked if they could meet both dogs. They brought their two hounds (Azalea and Grant) out for a visit and it didn’t take long to know that this would be one greyt family of hounds! We were thrilled that Sheba found her truly forever home – and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Sheba was the diva of the family, always in the middle of everything.

Isaac reported that Sheba started going downhill late last week and her symptoms seemed to indicate a possible pinched nerve in the neck. However, she never got any better and kept declining. The vet doesn’t know for sure what exactly caused her death, but she passed on to the Rainbow Bridge early Sunday morning.

We fostered Sheba for awhile until she went to her forever home with Isaac and Jeff. She was such a sweet senior girl and was gentle and loving. Although we were sad that she and her companion Shadow lost their long time home, she got the very best home with Isaac and Jeff who doted on her (and Shadow)and loved her greatly.

She will be missed by many in our group who met her. Last year she and Shadow were at our FFGR, Inc. party at Dewey Beach. We think that Sheba was a lucky girl to have such a wonderful and loving home at the time of her life when she needed it the most. We are grateful to Isaac and Jeff for giving her the home she had. They are truly special people.

Run free baby girl. You were so loved.

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