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Rainbow Bridge – FF Love Letter (Scout)

August 11, 2006 – September 23, 2011

We’ve always found it difficult to make Rainbow Bridge announcements, but this one is exceptionally hard. We are heartbroken to report that Jeanne and Steve Lloyd had to put their sweet girl Scout down. Steve and Jeanne had taken Scout and Halima for a pleasant Sunday drive to an apple orchard. They all enjoyed the day. When they got home Scout would not move to jump out of the car. Steve lifted her out and she could not walk. They took her to the emergency vet and the vet told them that she likely had serious disk problems that would result in a bad prognosis for the future. In addition, she had several areas of bruising/blood along her stomach and mid section that might have also indicated another problem.

It’s always hard to lose a dog but these are the circumstances that give us pause. Scout was only five years old. We think the world of Jeanne and Steve; they have been wonderful adopters and active volunteers in our group since they adopted their first greyhound Halima years ago. They truly cherish their dogs.

Needless to say, Steve and Jeanne are beyond devastated. We thank them both for giving Scout the chance at a wonderful life, even though it was cut so short.

Run free sweet Scout; you are loved and will always be remembered.

Rainbow Bridge – AB Benedict Joe (Benny)

September 22, 2003 – October 18, 2011

We are sad to report that yet another wonderful greyhound has succumbed to osteo. We got the word from Holly and Mike Miller that their beloved Benny was lost to bone cancer that involved his leg. The cancer was pervasive and painful; they decided to let Benny go since it had progressed to restricting his life. This was a hard decision to make, but they made it in Benny’s best interest.

Holly and Mike and their children adopted Benny in early 2008. They are a young family with young children and they had no fenced in yard. What would normally have been an adoption application that would have been turned down, Holly and Mike seemed to be very responsible and they convinced us that they would take good care of any greyhound they adopted. They not only took wonderful care of Benny, but they serve as the example of why we still process adoption applications on a case by case basis. Benny would have missed a wonderful home and we would have missed knowing such great people had we not given them a chance.

Benny was loved dearly by his family. He was a very laid back and easy going greyhound that loved the attention and he got along famously with the children. He had a wonderful home, although it was not for as long as we all would have liked.

We thank Holly and Mike for their love and devotion to a very special hound. Although Benny will be greatly missed by many, we are grateful that he had a chance to be so happy.

Godspeed Benny.

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Rainbow Bridge – Lobble (Fitzgerald)

May 5, 2003 – October 12, 2011

We are so sad to report that Kip and J.D. (long time adopters and volunteers) lost their beloved greyhound, Fitzgerald, yesterday. We had been communicating recently with them as they wanted to adopt Merlot, one of our available brood seniors. We had made plans to take Merlot to them Thursday. Wednesday evening, they had a vet appointment for Fitz to check on a limp he had developed lately. Fitz had corns in the past and Kip and J.D. thought that he had another corn. However, the vet visit resulted in a diagnosis of bone cancer. Fitz had also lost weight so that in addition to the x-rays revealed that the cancer had invaded other organs of the body. It was devastating news for both Kip and J.D.

They struggled with the ramifications of the diagnosis and just what they would do with this news. After a lot of soul searching and talking, they decided that it was in Fitz’s best interest to let him go. They did not want to risk him breaking the leg or having him live in pain. They made the appointment with their vet.

Yesterday they gave Fitz the entire day. They took him for a short walk, a car ride (which he loved!), gave him his favorite food and treats, etc. They and their two other hounds accompanied Fitz to the vet where they all spent their last minutes together saying goodbye. Fitz passed peacefully to the bridge surrounded by everyone we knew.

This was a hard and painful decision but they felt that this was in Fitz’s best interest not to allow him to become sicker and feel any more pain.

Kip and J.D. adopted Fitzgerald in 2006. He was more than a pet; he was a true member of the family. Fitz was quite the character – a wonderful sweetheart of a dog that loved everyone and was loved by everyone who met him. He had a long nose with an overbite and teeth that showed, giving him a permanent smile. But he smiled at everyone because he love everyone. He was a wonderful meet and greet dog and a great embassadog for greyhound adoption.

We know that Fitz will be greatly missed by his family. But we also know that he had the best home. Fitz was eight years old in May of this year.

Rest in peace sweet boy; you were greatly loved.

Rainbow Bridge – Ballet’s Baby (Baby)

October 28, 1998 – October 10, 2011

We are sad to report that one of our adopters lost a beloved hound. We got an email from Chris Ankrum last night informing us that Baby had passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Recently she was not able to eat well and kept getting sicker and sicker. Baby and Jack (Baby’s long time companion) were Craiger’s List dogs after we took them in from a group in Pennsylvania that asked for help. At the time Baby was eleven years old. She would have been thirteen years old at the end of this month.

I’ll never forget the trip to pick her and Jack up (around September 2009). I was shocked at their appearance. At the time the woman who had met me with them was brushing tons of hair off Baby. It was all over the parking lot. We loaded both dogs into my van along with several boxes of their belongings. It took me less than a minute to learn that both dogs had very rotten teeth and were very dirty.

I had to drive home with the windows open. When I got them home the first thing I did was bathe them. I looked over their meager and filthy belongings and tearfully threw every single thing out. I can only imagine what their lives must have been like for so long. Baby lost another ton of hair in the week after her bath but smelled better; her fur got soft and smooth. I made vet appointments for them as they had no vet records and had not had vaccinations for over three years. Both dogs had dentals. They both lost multiple teeth. But with each day they looked better and I know they began to feel better getting those rotten teeth out.

Baby was such a sweetheart, quiet and submissive. She was never any trouble at all here. We placed them on Craiger’s List. They spent some time here and it was a pleasure having them as our guests. But Chris Ankrum and his wife, Quinn, who at the time lived in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, spotted them on Craiger’s List and asked to meet them. Chris brought his other greyhound, Phinn, with him and together they decided to adopt Jack and Baby.

Chris always kept in touch with us about Baby and Jack and even after they moved to Texas. It’s with a sad heart that we report that they lost Baby. But the small amount of their lives that Chris and his wife devoted to Baby comprised a huge and wonderful part of her life. Her best years, we’re sure, were with Chris and Quinn. They are our heroes.

Rest in peace beautiful Baby; you were greatly loved.

The Race Video – September

Thanks to our many supporters and adopters, our video, The Race, was one of the top five videos (out of 41 other greyhound adoption organizations) watched during the month of September! This is the second month in a row. The video is located at the bottom of our Craiger’s List web page. We hope more people will access Craiger’s List and look at all the wonderful dogs that are looking for forever homes! See our video below!