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For those who have cats, nothing is more gratifying than to watch our hounds and cats get along so well together in the house. But, in spite of how well greyhounds and cats can and do get along together in a home, there is one exception to that rule – that is when a cat and a dog are outside together. We tell people that even the most cat friendly dog can be totally different with a cat outdoors. Here is a warning from one of our adopters who recently had a tragic experience. Although this is hard to read, it illustrates what we say. Please take this as a warning not to allow your cats and dogs outside together. You do not want to experience what Mindy experienced:

I got the following sad email from one of our long time adopters yesterday. She asked me to make sure to warn people about their cats. I will also add this to our news blog. I’ve copied the email as she wrote it:

I just wanted to let you know that my greyhound, Wylie, killed my cat this morning. Wylie and the cat have been living together now for years-with no apparent problem… Until this morning.

This morning, I let three of the dogs out, as usual-and the cat must have slipped out the door at the same time. She was never an outdoor cat, but has, in the last few days, been venturing outside for about five minutes, and then coming back in.
When I opened the door, I didn’t stand where I normally do, and was behind the door- and didn’t see that the cat had gotten out too. About ten seconds later, I heard an awful fight – the cat was screaming. I ran outside, and watched her take her last breath on this earth. It was devastating. There was only blood coming from her mouth, so I’m hoping it was a quick neck break. I can only wish peace to her… She was almost 14. Not exactly how I wanted her to “go”, but at least it was quick.

Please tell the people in the group to make sure they aren’t leaving their outside cats in the yard when their greys are out.

Wylie lived comfortably with this cat for years…inside – with no issues. Outside though, all bets are off, and the prey instinct kicks in. Wylie didn’t mean it, I am not mad at him. I just wanted to see if you would pass this info along to the group members, so they can be diligent in seeing that their cats are indoors, safe – before they let the dogs out.

I am heartbroken. I have lost one cat to kidney failure, one snuck out and ran away, and now this. All in two months! I don’t want anybody to see what I witnessed today. Make sure they know that, even though greys and cats can live in harmony in the house, does not mean they will be the same outside. Once that prey drive kicks in, there’s no stopping it!

I am so thankful he “finished” the job, and it wasn’t too bloody. I would have lost it if I would’ve had to see her suffer further, because she suffered a horrible death and I feel like its my fault for not watching more closely. Wylie was only doing what Greta have been bred to do for thousands of years… It was HUMAN error that cost me the life of my cat.

I just wanted to let you know.

Mindy Dicken

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