April – Adopt A Greyhound Month!

BIG NEWS! Did you know that April is Adopt a Greyhound Month? Not only that, but we at Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue, Inc. will be celebrating our seventh birthday! Thanks to the very hard work of our dedicated volunteers, our group has placed over 435 greyhounds into their forever homes. Our group does not focus on numbers but on quality of adoptions. That is why our return rate remains low. We are proud of our record because we are located in a more rural and less populated area where we need to travel to do our work and reach out to potential adopters. In our seven years, we have received an award from the SPCA International as well as from Greythound Guardians for the work we do to find homes for dogs that are less adoptable.

In our seven years, we have consistently tried to focus on giving all greyhounds a chance at a forever home. We take in all greyhounds no matter what the problem. We reach out to other groups to help find homes for the harder to place greyhounds. We believe in giving every greyhound a chance at a forever home and find many adopters who also understand the value in each and every dog.

Therefore, during the month of April, we will be offering a number of incentives for adopting a greyhound. The adoption fee will be waived for any Craiger’s List dog during the month to a QUALIFIED adopter. However, our group will make a donation in the adopter’s honor to the Morris Animal Foundation for cancer research. We will offer reduced adoption fees to adopters who have adopted a greyhound from our group previously. We will also offer a special “goody” bag to first time adopters in addition to the many free items we supply.

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound, please visit our web site and read about the greyhound breed. If you feel that a greyhound is the type of dog that you would like to adopt, then submit your application.

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