Rainbow Bridge – WTD Mello (Xena)

June 23, 2005 – May 11, 2012

We are sad to report that our group has lost another greyhound to osteo. Laura and Arne Borsum had to let their beloved Xena go to the bridge after a short bout with cancer. Xena was only seven years old. She had been limping but her vets did not know exactly what the problem was. She had been treated for pain but did not do well. An MRI finally diagnosed the cancer and it was determined that it was in a place and severe enough that there was nothing more that could be done.

Xena’s vet came to their home and Xena was surrounded by the people she loved in the home she knew as she crossed the bridge. Also, one of our volunteers, Megan, was there for support. Laura and Arne are neighbors of Megan. Megan introduced them to greyhounds and they adopted two dogs from our group. Megan was always there to help throughout their ordeal.

Xena’s pain is over and she is running pain free. She had a home where she was loved so much.  Rest in peace with the angels sweet girl.

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