Rainbow Bridge – Rjs Sioux (Shadow)

March 19, 2000 – August 2, 2012

We are always sad to report the loss of one of our greyhounds; however, the passing of Shadow is particularly hard because he was such a uniquely special dog.  Shadow was adopted by Isaac and Jeff in May of 2010. He and his house mate, Sheba, were both turned over to a group in Ohio when their adopter could no longer care for them.  They lived in a home together for many years and were bonded so we placed them both on Craiger’s List and looked for a home for them together.

 Jeff and Isaac saw them on Craiger’s List and came to meet them – the rest is history.  Both dogs had a wonderful life and we are so happy to know that these seniors were greatly loved and so well cared for.

 In October, 2010, Shadow was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his right front leg.  At the age of ten, it was difficult to make a decision about what to do.  However, because Shadow had such a wonderful spirit, Isaac and Jeff decided to go the amputation route.  Shadow went through the surgery well and was back on three feet in record time.  Shadow was known to all of us in the organization as the amazing tripod.  He certainly earned that name because of his zest for life and unstoppable spirit.

 His house mate, Sheba, passed on to the Rainbow Bridge in September of 2011.  Shadow still was cancer free at that time.  Recently, he was diagnosed with a squamas cell sarcoma on his nose.  Although it was manageable for a long time, it was finally serious enough to make Shadow unhappy.  Isaac and Jeff gave Shadow a final goodbye and sent him to meet Sheba.

 We love working with people who adopt greyhounds from Craiger’s List because they seem to understand the value of all dogs.  Those who adopt seniors understand that they may have limited time.  But the love and joy that a senior brings in to one’s life cannot be matched by youth and beauty.

 We thank Isaac and Jeff for the loving home they gave both dogs.  Run free Shadow and rest in sweet peace knowing that you were loved by all of us; look for Sheba.

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