Rainbow Bridge – Four Streaker (Streaker)

December 8, 2001 – August 28, 2012

We received notice today from Michelle Doll that they had to send their beloved Streaker to the bridge. He had been diagnosed with osteo a short time ago and because of its location and his age, they did not feel that he was a candidate for amputation. Streaker was eleven years old in December last year.

Streaker was adopted by Jim and Michelle in May of 2006 along with a female greyhound named Glitter. Since that time Jim and Michelle have been wonderful friends and continued supporters of our group.

 Streaker was a huge boy! He raced at 84 pounds. He really was a huge love bug. Like a lot of big boys, he had a very sweet and gentle personality. And he smiled!  Everyone who met Streaker loved him because of his winning personality and his smiles for everyone. He was always a hit at our meet and greet events.

Michelle and Jim have always kept in touch with us and they always gave us reports on the dogs. They truly loved Streaker.  I know that they are very sad to lose this precious boy. But I told Michelle that Streaker had the most wonderful home with ideal adopters.

Rest in peace dear boy knowing that you were greatly loved.

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