Health and Nutrition – Vet Checklist

We often get calls from adopters with questions and concerns regarding health issues they are experiencing with their greyhounds.  Since we are not veterinarians and cannot diagnose medical problems, we offer this advise to adopters regarding their vet visits.

First, before you leave your vet’s office, make sure that you have something in the way of a diagnosis.  Make sure that you understand what is being described.  Your vet should be able to determine, based on a medical exam, tests done and the concerns you expressed, what might be wrong with your hound.  Sometimes vets speak in general terms or even in technical terms and if you are left with some question or are confused, you should speak up.  Don’t leave until you have some idea of what you are dealing with.

Second, make sure that any medications prescribed are explained in detail.  Why is the medication being prescribed?  What is it supposed to do?  Are the instructions clear?  How long should it be taken?  Although most prescriptions come with instructions and other information on the bottle, etc., you should get a full explanation for why the medication is necessary and what it is treating specifically.

Finally, what is suggested as a follow up?  Should you come back to have your hound checked again; are you expected to call with a report on how your hound is doing?   What happens if the medication does not seem to be working?  What happens if your hound has a bad reaction to the medication?

You should never leave your vet’s office without feeling that you have had all of your questions and concerns addressed and that you have a clear understanding of what happened at your visit.  Too many people feel intimidated and do not ask the important questions.  Any good vet will be happy to spend the extra time talking to you about your hound’s health.


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