To a Black Greyhound

To a Black Greyhound

Shining black in the shining light,
Inky black in the golden sun,
Graceful as the swallow’s flight,
Light as swallow, winged one,
Swift as driven hurricane–
Double-sinewed stretch and spring,
Muffled thud of flying feet,
See the black dog galloping
Hear his wild foot-beat.

See him lie when the day is dead,
Black curves curled on the boarded floor.
Sleepy eyes, my sleepy-head–
Eyes that were aflame before.
Gentle now, they burn no more;
Gentle now and softly warm,
With the fire that that made them bright
Hidden–as when after storm
Softly falls the night.

Poem by Julian Grenfell (1888-1915)

Our littermates, Paige and Paris are still waiting for the forever homes!  These girls are wonderful and it would be great for them if they could get a home together.


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