Outjo’s Story

Some might consider it fate.  For all of her life, Maggie dreamed of traveling to Africa.  At the top of her bucket list.  Dreams of Victoria Falls, herds of elephants, prides of lions, the Great Migration. 

 Out of nowhere, the opportunity came to go.  One day, she thought that she would never, ever get to see the legendary African plains; the next, the chance to go was presented to her on a silver platter.  She was on her way.

 Now comes the fate part.  Maggie traveled to Namibia, a beautiful country filled with wildlife and safaris.  She was beyond happy, gobbling up every experience she could in the short time she was there.

 Then she met Outjo.

 Outjo is actually a small town in the northern part of Namibia, a sandy, arid part that is as isolated and desolate as they come.  Maggie and her family, on their way to one of Namibia’s national parks, decided to spend the night in an RV park near Outjo. 

 They settled in and started to explore their surroundings.  Like a lot of places in Africa, there were groups of “street dogs” at the park, begging for food where they could get it and simply trying to survive.

 Then she met the dog who has come to be known as Outjo, in honor of the nearby town.

 Maggie saw Outjo lying on the ground, not moving, totally swollen from some sickness.  She, who loves all animals, couldn’t bear to see this little dog suffering and tried desperately to get him help.

 The only answers she got were either silence or a curt “That is Africa.”  She simply couldn’t accept that.

 Maggie and her daughter Katrin scooped up the seriously ill little mutt and tracked down a veterinarian close by.  At first, the vet did not want to take Outjo in, but Maggie and Katrin insisted and the vet finally agreed.

 It turned out that Outjo had “tick fever” and that if Maggie hadn’t brought him in, he would have surely died.  After a week of treatment, he was perfectly healthy.

 You would think that would be the end of it, that Outjo went back to his RV park and Maggie went back to America…you don’t know Maggie.

 She and Katrin decided that Outjo needed to come to America.  To make an already long story shorter, through an almost superhuman effort of dealing with African bureaucracies, Outjo showed up in Maryland.

 If I could get into Outjo’s mind, I would think that he figures that he died and went to doggie heaven.  He is LOVING life.  He is an incredibly playful, but well-behaved dog.  He hasn’t once messed in the house and, for a “street dog” he sure seems like he’s very used to living in a house.  I think that he was dumped at this RV park by his former owner, but Maggie swears up and down that isn’t possible.  Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

 The vet in Namibia guessed that he is about 7 years old.  He weighs about 30 pounds and is healthy as a horse.  Outjo (I think that is such a neat name!) will make a GREAT pet!  And, if you adopt him, think about the great story you get to tell about how your little African dog made it to your home!

 Outjo can be adopted through FFGR, Inc.

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