Rainbow Bridge – Norman’s Woe (Norman)

April 2001 – October 2012

Another one of our FFGR, Inc. hounds has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  We received a communication from Jackie and Kurt Schumacher telling us that their beloved hound, Norman, had to be put down.  Norman was one among the first group of greyhounds that came to us after we established our organization.  When he arrived, he had a physical problem with his foot.  He had suffered a broken toe and because it would not heal, his toe was removed and the vet broke the nearby toe and twisted it so that he would have balance when he walked.  It made Norman’s foot look like a lobster claw and many people would not consider him for adoption because of that.  Those people did not know what a wonderful hound they had passed up.

Jackie and Kurt saw Norman’s photo on our web site and asked about him.  It did not take them long to decide to adopt him (in early 2006).  Norman’s foot never was a problem after that.  He and his greyhound house mate, Mimi, had the most wonderful life with Kurt and Jackie.  Norman was deeply loved.  Although we love all of the dogs that pass through our organization, we have to admit that Norman was a special dog to us.  He was loving and sweet and funny and was nothing at all like his racing name.  He was the type of dog that made us want to hug him and not let go.

Athough we are sad that Norman’s time had come and we all had to say goodbye, we are sure that he had the best life any dog could have.  It makes saying goodbye a little less sad.

Rest in peace, sweet Norman; you will never be forgotten.

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