Important Advice – Please Read

When we place greyhounds in to homes, we try to cover everything in terms of how to help a dog get settled in to a new home; what to expect; what to do when a problem arises, etc.  But we have overlooked something very important!

Recently, many muncipalities have been tightening up their animal control laws because of the number of aggressive dog problems and/or because of dog bite problems.  Sometimes these laws are so sweeping, that they can cause huge problems for people and their dogs.

Recently, we read a report (on another greyhound forum) about someone who was leash walking her three greyhounds in a community with leash laws in place.  A man was also walking his small dog unleashed and allowed his dog to run over to the greyhounds.  The man insisted that his dog likes all dogs, but before the owner of the greyhounds could do anything, the greyhounds attacked the unleashed dog and injured it badly.  The dog died a few days later from the injuries.  One would think that the small dog owner would have been at fault because he was not complying with the local leash ordinance.  However, the three greyhounds were seized as vicious dogs and the woman who adopted them had little recourse than to give them up.

Fortunately, to make a long story short, the greyhounds were spirited out of the municipality to save their lives but may never be able to go back home again.  If you think this story cannot be true, think again.

We advise any adopter reading this message to take the time to review your local animal control ordinanances and make sure that you understand them.  You may be surprised to learn that if your greyhound bites you or a family member and you have to go to a doctor or hospital for care, your dog could be removed from your home and euthanized.  That is, even if you know that it was not the dog’s fault and even thought you still want to keep your dog.

Too many times laws are enacted out of frustration and/or anger at a particular situation but end up having consequences far beyond anything anyone expected.  We all know that greyhounds are one of the least aggressive dogs; to get a bite from a greyhound is very unusual  But it happens.   If it does, call us first.  We will try to help.

If you have to leash walk your dog(s) or if you just like to take walks with your dog(s), please do not assume anything.  Make sure you understand what will happen in your community if your dog bites someone or attacks another dog.  Also, please do not assume that because you have a cat safe dog that this will never happen to you.  It does not make a difference at all.  It all depends on circumstances, the other dog(s) and the situation at the time.

Please be careful!  We love our greyhounds and want to protect them from any harm.

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