Protection for You and Your Hound

Based on our previous post about what might happen to you and/or your hound(s) if you find yourself in a dangerous situation while walking, we would like to follow that up with a recommendation.  We seldom, if ever, recommend a particular product or advocate that adopters use certain products.  However, because of the number of reported cases and incidents that we hear about occuring with loose dogs and dog bites, etc. we feel that it’s time to help our adopters.

If you are checking on your local animal control ordinances (we hope you are), also take the time to learn what is acceptable for protecting you and your hound if you find yourself in a dangerous situation..  For instance, in many communities it is illegal to use pepper spray and stun guns.  In the case of pepper spray, you might also risk hitting yourself and/or your hound if it isn’t used correctly.  If you carry a stick, club, or even use your shoe to fend off an animal approaching your hound(s), you might be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

One product that is relatively new on the market and is legal is called Spray Shield Animal Deterrent Spray. This spray is legal in most communities because it is made from a natural ingredient (citronella) that is not harmful to animals or people.  The advertisement for the product states:

  • Citronella spray formula offers humane way to deter aggressive animals
  • Just as effective as 10-percent pepper spray, yet without harmful side effects
  • Highly effective in stopping low- to medium-level aggression; safe to use indoors
  • Carry when cycling, running, or walking; ideal for kennel staff and mail carriers
  • Contains approximately 12 1-second sprays at a range of up to 10 feet

This product can be purchased on line very easily.  It may be worth the time and effort to buy this type of a product and have it ready in case that it is needed.  Many of our adopters have recommended this product to us.  We hope that the information in the post as well as our previous post will prevent anything from happening to you and your hounds.



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