Storm Warning – Take Care

We all live in an area that is going to be hit hard by Hurricane Sandy if all predictions are true.  Please take special care to make sure that your hounds will be safe.  If you have a fenced in yard, please be aware that heavy winds can knock down fences and blow open locked gates.  Please take the time to make sure that everything is as secure as it should be and do not open any doors to let your hounds out until you have looked to make sure that your fence and gates are intact.  Be aware that heavy winds can also blow open doors to your house and cause damage (and let hounds escape).

This will be a challenging time for hounds that have problems with thunderstorms (and even those who generally do not have problems) because the excessive force of winds  may make everything that much worse.  If your hound is thunderphobic, please DO NOT allow him/her to go out in a fenced in yard during this storm.  Please use a leash.  Many frightened greyhounds can do amazing things and some have been known to jump over fences.

For those leash walking, please make sure that all collars are in good shape and adjusted properly.  Keep all walks short and take special care to make sure that you have a good hold on the leash.

Take all the necessary precautions to prevent any problems with your hounds.  Please remember that if you do lose your hound, we may not be able to help since we often lose all services in our area during regular storms and you will not be able to reach us.  We will not be able to get out to help search for missing hounds in high winds and heavy rains.

PLEASE take the time to heed this warning.  Please be cautious and careful.  We want everyone (including our hounds) to get through this challenging time in good shape.  Stay safe.


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