Rainbow Bridge – CRK Gen Patton (Patton)

August 4, 2004 – November 11, 2012

We are sad to report that another one of our wonderful hounds has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  Patton suffered from a very serious and deadly infection that could not be stabilized.  It was determined by his vet that at the very minimum, he would lose his leg and there was no guarantee that he would not lose his life.  It was a terrible decision for his adopters to make but they did what was right for Patton.

Patton was adopted by Mindy and Brian Dicken and boys in 2008.  Patton was a true “foster failure”.  He was taken in as a foster by Mindy but it did not take long for the family to decide that he belonged in their home!

Patton was dearly loved by his family.  He spent his life with lots of love from every member of the family, other greyhounds, great danes and cats.  He truly had the kind of life that we wish for every greyhound we place.

We know that the family has had a hard time over losing Patton; he was a very special dog.  But we take solace in the fact that he had the best home any greyhound could have.

Run pain free sweet Patton; you will be missed by all of us.

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