Rainbow Bridge – Mana Nada (Mana)

April 13, 2003 – December 1, 2012

We are sad to report the loss of another very special greyhound named Mana.  Mana was adopted by Alaina in early 2006.  Alaina worked every day; therefore, she found a doggie day care center to take care of Mana so that he would not be alone.  Over the years Mana and Alaina remained close companions.  Alaina constantly kept in touch with us and provided us with photos and updates.

Recently Mana became ill and after vet visits and much careful thought, it reached a point where Alaina rightly felt that it was best to let Mana go to the bridge.  She said goodbye to her beloved greyhound December 1.

Mana had two homes; one with Alaina and one at his day care center.  Mana loved the staff at the day care center and they loved him.  He also loved being around the other dogs.  According to Alaina, ” Mana’s presence at daycare was very bright indeed and he quickly became one of the top dogs there.  His normal routine was to go in, greet various dogs, and then start “choir practice” which was basically a howling session.  He was the director and his choir would assemble in front of him – just like a human choir would do.”

Now that Mana is gone, he is not only greatly missed by Alaina, but by all of the day care staff and other dogs.  Mana’s loss has been hard on everyone and it’s been much quieter because there is no more choir practice.

Mana was a very happy (and lucky) dog thanks to Alaina’s love.  We know how much he is missed.  We would like to think that Mana is conducting choir practice at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in sweet peace precious soul.



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