SweetFrog Fundraiser

Do you like frozen yogurt? SweetFrog is one of the fastest growing brands of premium, all natural, self-serve yogurt restaurants. Their concept is simple: Sweet Frog is a bright, positive, family-friendly environment where customers can create their dessert, their way – at a very modest price point. They have quickly become a household name because of their yummy products, superior service, and a bright, fun atmosphere!

At SweetFrog you create your own combination of delicious soft-serve frozen yogurt, then top it off with any toppings you choose! The toppings bar is stocked fresh everyday with the best ingredients for a light healthy treat, a swirling decadent dessert, and everything in between! You pick the flavors, you add the toppings, you make it your way! And most importantly, don’t forget the fun!

On Saturday, February 16, the Sweet Frog franchise in Martinsburg, West Virginia will host a fund raiser for our organization.  If you go to the Sweet Frog store and purchase any product, we will receive 10% of your purchase ALL DAY!  That means that you can enjoy a wonderful dessert and help FFGR, Inc. at the same time!

Our volunteers will be handing out coupons at all of our meet and greet events until and including the 16th.  Just ask for a coupon.  If you cannot attend any of our meet and greet events, you will be able to print coupons by using the link below.

We will also be at our regularly scheduled meet and greet event at the Martinsburg Petsmart in the same shopping plaza (Retail Commons) as the SweetFrog store.  It’s only a short walk.  Come in to Petsmart that day and ask Ashley for your coupon.  For more information on our event that day (including address), go to our calendar of events.

Take your sweety to SweetFrog and help FFGR, Inc. at the same time!

Sweet Frog Coupons

Greyhound Articles On Line

If you often search the internet looking for interesting items to read about greyhounds, you may want to check out the web blog Greyhound Articles On Line.  This site contains literally thousands of articles about greyhounds published over many years.  If you enjoy receiving Celebrating Greyhounds magazine, almost all of the articles ever published are also included in this web blog.

Since the articles have been written and published over many years, some of the information may no longer be in vogue or may not hold as much importance.  But it is good, nevertheless, to look over what is included in this blog.  There are many categories and sub-categories which make searching on a particular subject very easy.

If you remember reading about a particular subject but cannot remember where you saw it, chances are that you will be able to find the material again in this blog by doing a search.  The blog is very user friendly.  You can click on the link above or go to our web site’s Greyt Links page to get started.


Winter Hints for Hounds


Winter weather brings special challenges for greyhounds. Greyhound feet and toes, not to mention slender bodies, can be vulnerable to the changing temperatures, snow and ice.

During cooler weather it would be prudent to have a fleece coat to keep the slender greyhound figure warm. Exposed feet and toes are not only sensitive to the cold but can be injured by ice, burned by chemicals used to melt ice and when a greyhound licks its feet, some of the chemicals can be ingested causing illness and sometimes death.

Snow and Ice
When your greyhound returns from outside, you should examine feet and toes to be sure there are no cuts, scrapes or snow trapped between toes. Ice is not only dangerous to feet but can cause injury by a greyhound falling.

In the event that there is a deep snow fall, you may need to dig out an area for your greyhound to be able to relieve itself. Remember that greyhounds do not like their body parts to touch snow or ice, so plan accordingly when clearing a space.

Ice forming on tree branches and then breaking the branches or just ice or snow falling from trees or houses can injury your pet. Inspect your yard after a snow or ice storm to be certain any dangerous items are removed before allowing your pet free access to the yard. Leash walking may be advisable until an inspection can be completed.

When shoveling snow be sure that you do not provide an escape route for your greyhound by piling snow close to fences, sheds, woodpiles, garages or any other items that might be used as a springboard to escape.

When choosing an “ice melt” product be sure it states clearly that it is pet and child safe. Even then, feet should be wiped after returning from outside to ensure that your pet does not lick any of the chemicals that may have adhered to its paws, legs and underbelly.

If you leash walk your dog in the neighborhood, pay particular attention to areas that have been cleared or where the “road salt” may have been thrown up onto the grass and sidewalk. These chemicals are extremely harsh and dangerous if ingested by your pet.

Many homeowners take this time of year to prepare their lawns for the long dormant period by spreading fertilizer or other chemicals on their lawns. Take note of any “Caution, Lawn Treatment” signs in the area and avoid these yards. Overspray from these yards can be carried quite a distance by wind blowing.

The temperatures dip and many insects seek warmer climates for the winter. Take extra caution when bringing firewood into your home. Spider bites are one of the most dangerous threats to pets during the winter. They can go undiagnosed and cause serious illness.

No one would knowingly expose their pet to extended exposure to inclement weather on purpose, HOWEVER, we are human and unexpected things can happen. Consider setting an oven/kitchen timer when you put your pet outside. That way even if you get distracted the timer will remind you about your pet.

In the event that your pet does suffer from overexposure, IT IS A LIFE THREATENING PROBLEM. Urgent veterinary care is essential to the life of your pet. If you are not able to get professional help immediately, here are a few tips to get you through ONLY until a vet can be reached.

If your pet is overexposed to the cold, wrap them in room temperature blankets. Use towels to rub vigorously and help restore warm blood circulation. NEVER put your pet into very warm or hot water. This can cause major circulation problems and even result in death due to the shock incurred by the animal’s system. If you must use warm water (in case of drowning or immersion in cold water) use tepid water (like a baby’s bath water) and slowly warm the water to not more than 98 degrees. If at all possible, veterinary care should be sought ASAP.

As always, these suggestions are never to replace the professional care of a veterinarian. When in doubt, seek professional advice and treatment for your greyhound. Hoping you have a safe, healthy winter season.

Rainbow Bridge – Kasey’s Special (Kasey)

November 25, 2001 – January 8, 2013

We are sad to report the loss of a Craiger’s List dog.  Kasey was a brood mom and came to our group at the age of nine after having a successful racing career and many puppies.  She was finally retired and looking for that forever home where she could enjoy her life.  We all were amazed at how young Kasey looked – no grey at all!  She was extremely happy and loving and took to living in a home in record time.

Maggie and Robert spotted Kasey on Craiger’s List and it took no time at all for them to fall in love with this sweet natured girl.  Kasey found a wonderful home where she enjoyed the company of other greyhounds and had walks every single day.

Recently, Kasey was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  Maggie and Robert explored all of the options possible, but it was determined that the cancer had taken its toll.  They made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to let Kasey go.

It is always hard to let a wonderful dog go; Kasey did not stay long enough.  We love meeting the people who will give a senior dog a chance at a wonderful life knowing that the time with it may be limited.  We are happy that Kasey had such a wonderful home and know that she was loved every day.

Rest in peace sweet girl.


Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that another year has come to a close.  We’d like to wish all of our adopters, volunteers, fans, etc. a wonderful new year.  As we look back on the previous year, we are so thankful for the good fortune we’ve had placing greyhounds.  In 2012 we placed 66 greyhounds into loving homes.  That means that 66 dogs coming from the tracks found a home!  What is interesting about this number, though, is that 50 of those hounds went in to homes with our previous adopters!  Either people came back to get another greyhound to add to their pack or they adopted another after their greyhound had passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  This speaks to the impact that this breed has on people.  We hear it often – people who adopt a greyhound find that this breed is wonderful and are totally won over by them.  Anyone who has adopted a greyhound will understand this completely.  We hear so much that, “there is something about them” that is so much different than any other breed.  This is not to besmirch any other dogs, but greyhounds do seem to have a loyal following that is unique.

We are thankful for our volunteers who dedicated several hours each month to host a meet and greet event and answer questions about greyhounds and greyhound adoptions.  We know that this is one of the most important jobs in adoption work and we are so touched by their loyalty and dedication.  We appreciate beyond words their commitment to the mission.

We also would like to thank all of those adopters, volunteers and supporters who donated much to our organization.  We are so fortunate to have so many volunteers who buy and/or make items to sell at our vending events and in our Greytdogs Store!  We are also thankful to those who donate items, hold yard sales, drive to pick up dogs and/or help us get grants and earn funds to keep our group in good financial health.

We look forward to the new dogs coming in to our program and all of the great people we will meet in the process of fulfilling our mission!