Rainbow Bridge – WVs Cannelton (Doogie)

August 9, 2002 – February 22, 2013

We are sorry to report that a special Craiger’s List greyhound has passed on.  Doogie, adopted by Brian and Bruce, was diagnosed with osteocaroma some time ago and was going through chemotherapy treatments and doing well.  But the cancer took Doogie suddenly.  He was with Brian and Bruce when he died.

Doogie was placed on Craiger’s List at the age of nine when his adopter in Ohio could no longer take care of him and wanted to find him another good home. She kept Doogie in her home until the right adopter came along. Only the best adopter would be good enough for Doogie. Brian and Bruce saw Doogie on Craiger’s List and they contacted Doogie’s adopter.  Doogie found the very best home he could possibly find and his previous adopter knew without a doubt that he was in good hands.  Brian and Bruce kept in touch with Doogie’s previous adopter as long as they had him.

We couldn’t ask for better adopters for Doogie because we are sure that he had everything he needed.  Brian and Bruce have no limits when it comes to looking out for their dogs.  We are sad that Doogie could not have more time with his adopters.  But we know that he was greatly loved, respected and cherished.

Rest in loving peace Doogie.

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