Rainbow Bridge – MN’s Cass Star (Cassie)


December 22, 1999 – March 30, 2013

It’s with a broken heart and sadness that we report that our greyhound Cassie passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  To say that Cassie was a special greyhound is an understatement.  She was a one-of-a-kind greyhound that brought so much energy, laughter and love in to our lives.

Bill and I adopted Cassie in the fall of 2002 after fostering her for several months.  She was a young girl (not quite two).  She was so full of energy and was such a handful, that the members of the group we worked for at the time joked about who in the world was going to adopt Cassie.

But in spite of her unique personality, we fell in love with her and she became a permanent member of our family.  We never once regretted anything that involved Cassie because it was hard to stay angry with her for long.  She was a true diva.  We hadn’t had Cassie long when through one of her sudden bursts of energy she ran up the stairs from the basement and ran full bore down the hallway, banged into the wall and broke a leg!  We knew then that we had a spit fire on our hands!

Cassie knew what she wanted and was not shy to let us know.  When we established our organization in 2005, Cassie was there welcoming all of the new greyhounds in to our house.  She put each one in their place; there was never a dog that challenged Cassie!  They gave her a wide berth.  Cassie welcomed over 500 greyhounds as they came through our house.  And she also taught some of them the rules.

As the years went by, she certainly mellowed quite a bit.  The new dogs were welcomed with less fanfare and she didn’t seem to mind them being around her.  She mellowed so much that she became the official coat model for our Greytdogs Store.  She loved doing this job so much that she came running when she saw us with a coat.  She would stand still to have the coat put on and then would walk right to her spot for the photograph.  Each time we photographed her, we marveled at her patience and cooperation.

She will be missed more than words can express.  But we celebrate Cassie’s life.  We had Cassie in our lives over eleven years.  What a blessing to have this dog with us for so long!  We are grateful that her illness took her quickly and that she did not suffer.

We know that there will NEVER be a dog like Cassie in our lives again.  How do we know that?  Of the over 500 dogs that have come through our home we have never met another one that came close to Cassie.

We love you Baby girl; run with the angels.  We know that you will have a huge welcoming committee with all of the greyhounds you met here over the years and who are waiting at the bridge.


Rainbow Bridge – Dependable Missy (Missy)

Dependablemissy4August 3, 2004 – March 28, 2013

We received word that another one of our FFGR, Inc. greyhounds passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Katrina and Jason wrote to us and told us that Missy had a fast growing mast cell tumor on her muzzle that could not be treated.  Missy was eight years old.  She was adopted by Katrina and Jason in 2007.  We are grateful to Katrina and Jason for giving Missy such a good home and being with her throughout her life  It’s what we wish for all of our adopted dogs.  I know that Missy will be greatly missed.


Mud and Dirt and Poop – OH MY!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  We go from rain to ice to snow to thaw and back around again and again.  And each time the weather changes, our yards look more like the face of the moon.  And our hounds start behaving in ways that make us scratch our heads in puzzlement!

 Paw wiping is just a part of having a dog and a muddy yard can always be fixed with a bale of hay and by reseeding in the spring.  But what do you do when your hounds start eating POOP!!!

 We get calls all the time at this time of year and we are never surprised.  While experts disagree on the how and the why, we need to work on how to solve the problem.

 Many people think it’s a behavior that goes back to ancient times.  And when females give birth, they clean up after their pups.  Most dogs keep their crates clean.  Others say that poop is just digested food and why shouldn’t a dog be tempted?  But either way, we humans believe it’s a nasty habit and it sometimes can make a dog sick or result in diarrhea.

 There are products on the market that are supposed to discourage the behavior.  These products claim, that if they are placed in a dog’s food, it will make the poop taste so bad that the dog will not eat it.  It may work for some dogs, but not for others.

 And it doesn’t help those dogs that also like to eat dirt!  This is another problem that we get calls about too.  There are even more theories about why dogs eat dirt, and we won’t go into them here (we risk putting ourselves to sleep!).  And then there are the eaters of anything chewable like mulch, acorns, small branches, rocks, gravel, etc.  These items can not only make a dog sick, but can cause blockages in the digestive system which can be life threatening.

 We have found two almost “sure fire” ways to prevent opportunistic eating and it works every time.  The first solution throws the problem right into the hands of the adopter.  A clean yard will prevent a dog from eating anything you don’t want it to eat.  And if you have multiple dogs, it helps even more because they won’t be tempted to eat each others’ feces.

 Of course, the weather doesn’t always cooperate and it may take way too long to pick up every single rock, twig, etc.  We highly recommend keeping feces cleaned up as often as possible because it not only cuts down on the eating, but it will keep dogs from walking through it and dragging it into the house.

 The next best recommendation (and we use it here with every single dog) is to use the muzzle you are given when you adopt your greyhound.  Of course, the muzzle alone won’t stop the eating because a dog can still get its tongue through the holes in the muzzle, but you can buy a “stool cup”, a plastic cup that can be attached by zip ties, which fits on the inside of a large muzzle or on the outside of a small muzzle.  The cup covers up the holes in the muzzle so the dog cannot get its tongue through it.  These are very inexpensive and can solve a host of problems.   A hound can breathe normally and go about its business but cannot get into anything (and that means anything) in your yard.  The only work on your part is to remember to use the muzzle each time your dog goes out.

Where can you buy a stool cup for your hound’s muzzle?  We now sell them in our Greytdogs Store!  We sell a lot of these and we know why.  Once you’ve tried one, you will find that you have solved a major problem!

Rainbow Bridge – Yoozikil (Lili)

YoozikilAugust 28, 2003 – March 15, 2013

We are sad to report the loss of another FFGR, Inc. greyhound.  Lili was adopted by Kip and J.D. in April 2007.  At that time, Lili joined a pack of two other greyhounds that grew to four over time.  During her adoptive life, she and her house mates all had a wonderful home together.  Lili was an outgoing and friendly girl that loved taking walks.  Everyone in the neighborhood loved Lili and she loved seeing everyone.  She was a real “diva” girl and enjoyed wearing her fancy collars and bling.

Lili became ill recently and it was determined that she had cancer that had progressed too far for treatment.  It was determined at that time that the best course of action and the most compassionate decision was to let her go.

Lili is the third greyhound loss over the last year including the loss of Kip.  Now J.D. has Brogan left from the original pack.  We know that J.D. is sad to have suffered so many losses and we are saddened by the losses that he has experienced.  However, J.D. has many wonderful memories of his great pack.

We all love this family and we wish the best for J.D. and Brogan as they move on together.  We are gratified by the fact that all were loved so much and had such a happy home together; although the time was cut short for all, they all had each other in great love.  We all wish J.D. and Brogan the best as they carry on.

Rest in peace sweet Lili.


Event – Hearty Pet Egg Hunt!

Mark your calendar!  One of our favorite pet food stores, Hearty Pet, in Hagerstown, Maryland is having an Easter Egg Hunt!  This event is scheduled for Sunday, March 24 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m.  The actual egg hunt will take place inside the store at 2 p.m.  Light refreshments will be available.

Bring your pets and have some fun!  If you have never been to Hearty Pet, this is your opportunity.  They carry all kinds of wonderful products for your pets.  They have been greyt supporters of our organization as well.

We hope to see you there!

Hearty Pet, 19918 Jefferson Blvd, Hagerstown, MD 21742, Phone 301-791-7387

Rainbow Bridge – K’s Gene (Baxter)

KsGene4June 12, 2004 – March 10, 2013

We received notice from the Friedman family that they lost their beloved Baxter.  Baxter was adopted by the family in 2007; he was the second greyhound that they had adopted from our organization.  Baxter became ill suddenly and efforts to save him were unsuccessful.

All are very sad for the loss as they loved Baxter very much.  But we are sure that he had the very best home that any greyhound could have had.  We are always sad when an adopter loses a greyhound way too soon.  But we are always gratified that a greyhound found a home where he was loved and cherished.

Baxter will be missed by all of us.

Rainbow Bridge – WVs Metz (Ace)

February 2, 2004 – February 28, 2013

We received word from Lara and Steve that they lost their beloved greyhound Ace.  Ace was adopted by Lara and Steve in 2006.  Ace came to our group in 2006 and we could tell when we met him that he was a special hound.  He was a very handsome dog and had a wonderful loving personality.  Once Lara and Steve met him, they also agreed.  Ace was their first greyhound; shortly after they adopted him, they adopted his litter mate Macy.  The two were constant companions and were very much a loving part of the family.

Ace suffered a seizure at home and died within a half hour.  His family was with him when he died.  He was a fortunate dog to have such a loving family that cared so much for him.  We are always sad to learn that one of our adopted greyhounds has died.  But we are glad that another wonderful greyhound found a good home where he was valued as a family member.

Rest in peace sweet Ace.  You will be missed by so many.