Rainbow Bridge – WVs Metz (Ace)

February 2, 2004 – February 28, 2013

We received word from Lara and Steve that they lost their beloved greyhound Ace.  Ace was adopted by Lara and Steve in 2006.  Ace came to our group in 2006 and we could tell when we met him that he was a special hound.  He was a very handsome dog and had a wonderful loving personality.  Once Lara and Steve met him, they also agreed.  Ace was their first greyhound; shortly after they adopted him, they adopted his litter mate Macy.  The two were constant companions and were very much a loving part of the family.

Ace suffered a seizure at home and died within a half hour.  His family was with him when he died.  He was a fortunate dog to have such a loving family that cared so much for him.  We are always sad to learn that one of our adopted greyhounds has died.  But we are glad that another wonderful greyhound found a good home where he was valued as a family member.

Rest in peace sweet Ace.  You will be missed by so many.

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