Rainbow Bridge – Yoozikil (Lili)

YoozikilAugust 28, 2003 – March 15, 2013

We are sad to report the loss of another FFGR, Inc. greyhound.  Lili was adopted by Kip and J.D. in April 2007.  At that time, Lili joined a pack of two other greyhounds that grew to four over time.  During her adoptive life, she and her house mates all had a wonderful home together.  Lili was an outgoing and friendly girl that loved taking walks.  Everyone in the neighborhood loved Lili and she loved seeing everyone.  She was a real “diva” girl and enjoyed wearing her fancy collars and bling.

Lili became ill recently and it was determined that she had cancer that had progressed too far for treatment.  It was determined at that time that the best course of action and the most compassionate decision was to let her go.

Lili is the third greyhound loss over the last year including the loss of Kip.  Now J.D. has Brogan left from the original pack.  We know that J.D. is sad to have suffered so many losses and we are saddened by the losses that he has experienced.  However, J.D. has many wonderful memories of his great pack.

We all love this family and we wish the best for J.D. and Brogan as they move on together.  We are gratified by the fact that all were loved so much and had such a happy home together; although the time was cut short for all, they all had each other in great love.  We all wish J.D. and Brogan the best as they carry on.

Rest in peace sweet Lili.


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