Rainbow Bridge – MN’s Cass Star (Cassie)


December 22, 1999 – March 30, 2013

It’s with a broken heart and sadness that we report that our greyhound Cassie passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  To say that Cassie was a special greyhound is an understatement.  She was a one-of-a-kind greyhound that brought so much energy, laughter and love in to our lives.

Bill and I adopted Cassie in the fall of 2002 after fostering her for several months.  She was a young girl (not quite two).  She was so full of energy and was such a handful, that the members of the group we worked for at the time joked about who in the world was going to adopt Cassie.

But in spite of her unique personality, we fell in love with her and she became a permanent member of our family.  We never once regretted anything that involved Cassie because it was hard to stay angry with her for long.  She was a true diva.  We hadn’t had Cassie long when through one of her sudden bursts of energy she ran up the stairs from the basement and ran full bore down the hallway, banged into the wall and broke a leg!  We knew then that we had a spit fire on our hands!

Cassie knew what she wanted and was not shy to let us know.  When we established our organization in 2005, Cassie was there welcoming all of the new greyhounds in to our house.  She put each one in their place; there was never a dog that challenged Cassie!  They gave her a wide berth.  Cassie welcomed over 500 greyhounds as they came through our house.  And she also taught some of them the rules.

As the years went by, she certainly mellowed quite a bit.  The new dogs were welcomed with less fanfare and she didn’t seem to mind them being around her.  She mellowed so much that she became the official coat model for our Greytdogs Store.  She loved doing this job so much that she came running when she saw us with a coat.  She would stand still to have the coat put on and then would walk right to her spot for the photograph.  Each time we photographed her, we marveled at her patience and cooperation.

She will be missed more than words can express.  But we celebrate Cassie’s life.  We had Cassie in our lives over eleven years.  What a blessing to have this dog with us for so long!  We are grateful that her illness took her quickly and that she did not suffer.

We know that there will NEVER be a dog like Cassie in our lives again.  How do we know that?  Of the over 500 dogs that have come through our home we have never met another one that came close to Cassie.

We love you Baby girl; run with the angels.  We know that you will have a huge welcoming committee with all of the greyhounds you met here over the years and who are waiting at the bridge.


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