Rainbow Bridge – Blazing Badal (Badal)

Badal Face

November 27, 2001  – June 5, 2013

We are all very sad to report that one very special greyhound has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Mary and Mike adopted Badal in January of 2010 after he was returned to our group.  Badal became the love of their lives.  He became a real “greyhound volunteer’, doing many meet and greet events and winning people over to greyhound adoption.

Badal was diagnosed with osteo earlier in the week and because of his age and the severity of the cancer, Mary and Mike made the painful but necessary decision to let him go.

We at FFGR, Inc. are all mourning Badal’s loss because he was such a wonderful personality.  He loved everyone; he was the most gentle of spirits.  He will be missed by all of us and especially by Mary and Mike.  But we are so grateful that he found such a wonderful home with people who loved him so much.  Everyone who met Badal saw how much he was loved.

Rest in peace, sweet boy, knowing that you were loved by so many.


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