Rainbow Bridge – Regall Bigbanker (Kali)

Regall Bigbanker Best

April 30, 2007 – July 3, 2013

It’s with great sadness that report the loss of a wonderful greyhound that was greatly loved.  We got notice from Jen and Sean that their greyhound Kali died after a short illness.  She was diagnosed with cancerous tumors on her liver and kidneys and throughout her system.  What makes this even harder is that Kali only turned six years old in April.  Jen and Sean loved Kali very much and are wonderful people who gave Kali the best life.  The only solice is that Kali had such a wonderful life where she was loved, respected and appreciated.  This is all we can hope for when we place a greyhound in to a home.

Rest in peace, sweet Kali, knowing that you were so loved and cherished.

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