Rainbow Bridge – Finaldestination (Desi)

Finaldestination Best 2011

October 1, 2001 – July 19, 2013

We are sad to report that one of our Craiger’s List greyhounds, Desi, passed on to the Rainbow Bridge July 19, 2013.  Desi came in to our program from a farm in Florida.  She was a retired brood mom and her owner decided that it was time for her to find a forever home.

We took Desi in and fostered her until she found her home.  She was placed on Craiger’s List because she was a senior.  Desi was with us a very long time (almost a year) before Diane and George spotted her and asked to adopt her.  They only adopted senior greyhounds and Desi was a perfect dog for them.  We arranged a transport for Desi because George and Diane lived some distance away from our area.  They took Desi October 18,  2011.

From the moment we met Diane and George, we knew that they were special people.  They not only took Desi in, but they became wonderful supporters of our Craiger’s List program.  For each dog adopted from Craiger’s List, Diane sent a special “welcome home” gift to the adopter.

Diane and George also adopted one of Desi’s pups when she became available.  In spite of the distance between us, Diane has always kept us up to date on all of her dogs.  Desi was recently diagnosed with cancer and sadly had to be let go.

As Diane and George know better than anyone else, there is no long life associated with adopting a senior dog.  But they also know how wonderful seniors are.  We are sad that Desi couldn’t have more time, but we certainly know that she couldn’t have had more love than she had in her real forever home.

Rest in peace sweet Desi.  You are greatly loved and missed by so many.


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