Rainbow Bridge – Primco Zing (Chloe)

Primco Zing BestFebruary 14, 2005 – August 1, 2013

We received a message from our adopters, Larry and Lisa, that they lost their greyhound, Chloe, to a medical emergency.  Chloe developed a very high fever that could not be managed and the realization that her brain and other organs were compromised made it necessary and in her best interest to let her go.  Needless to say, Larry and Lisa are devastated to have lost Chloe so suddenly.

Lisa and Larry adopted Chloe five years ago.  She was the light of their lives.  She was the perfect greyhound for them.  Although it’s hard to lose a greyhound much sooner than expected (Chloe was only a little over eight years old), we have to take solace in the fact that she had a wonderful life with people who loved her so much and gave her the home she deserved.

Fly with the angels sweet girl.




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