Rainbow Bridge – Answer to Cathi (Cathi)

Cathi Running SmallMay 5, 203 – August 14, 2013

We are sorry to report that another FFGR, Inc. greyhound has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  We received a call from Jackie and family that their dear hound, Cathi, was diagnosed with osteo and it was too far along to treat.  Because the cancer had progressed silently, little could be done when it was discovered to help Cathi battle the disease.

Cathi was a Craiger’s List dog.  When she came into our program, she had a problem with her eye that looked quite serious and we all thought it was possible that she would lose that eye.  However, a visit to the eye specialist revealed that Cathi suffered from a rare form of Pannus and it could be treated with medication for the rest of her life.  Cathi’s Pannus was stopped in it’s tracks thanks to the correct diagnosis and an immediate start to the medication.

Cathi was a sweet and loving girl that gave back much to her family and they adored her.  It’s always hard to lose a hound, but we remind ourselves that these wonderful dogs find the right home where they are loved and valued and that is all any greyhound deserves.

The photo above is of Cathi when she first came in our program.  It has been a part of our web site since it was taken.  We all marveled at her beauty and determination.  We will all miss Cathi.  But we know that she is romping at the Bridge and meeting up with her buddies there.

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