Rainbow Bridge – Bob’s Tira (Tira)

Bob's Tira Face Best 2011January 21, 2004 – August 19, 2013

We lost our beloved Tira yesterday.  She was nine years old.  Tira came in to our group from Florida.  When we received her, we noticed that she swayed when she walked.  The vet paperwork that accompanied her suggested that she had arthritis.  However, we did not feel that she was diagnosed correctly – a trip to our vet confirmed our suspicions.  Tira was suffering from degenerative myelopathy, a disease that would eventually kill her.

Althought Tira spent some time in foster homes for awhile, no one stepped forward to adopt her.  Therefore, we decided that she should live with us because we fell in love with her.  She was a beautiful greyhound in every way.  The DM progressed much more slowly than usual and for that we were grateful for the extra time we were being given.

However, it was not the DM that took her from us.  She developed a problem in one of her toes and it could not be treated in a normal way.  The toe should have been amputated but with her condition it was not an option.  Tira was placed on a regiment of many medications.  Unfortunately, they did not work.  The pain she was feeling and the restrictions caused by the toe and the DM made it hard for her to get around.  She clearly was not happy.

Bill and I took her to our vet and held her while she passed peacefully to the bridge.  We will miss Tira very much.  Tira, to us, is a perfect example of why special needs dogs are so special.  Even though she did not find a home elsewhere, we were the recipients of so much love and affection while she was with us and we had a truly incredible experience with this special girl.  She enriched our lives so much.  We will always remember her and what she taught us about resiliency.  It is not about how much time they give us but it’s about making each moment we have with them special.  We wish we could convince others about this.  We were the lucky ones to have had her in our lives.

Rest in peace dear girl; we will all be together at the bridge one day.



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