Rainbow Bridge – Freeride Apple (Ares)

ApplebestJune 28, 2002 – August 22, 2013

We are sorry to report that another FFGR, Inc. greyhound has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  We got notice from Rob and Erin that their greyhound Ares died during a dental procedure.  Although he had dentals yearly, during the last dental, his temperature spiked and he suffered from malignant hypothermia.  Ares was eleven years old.

Ares was adopted by Rob and Erin in 2007.  At the time Ares was the second greyhound that Rob and Erin adopted from our group.  They became volunteers and for several years hosted a meet and greet event at the Chambersburg Petsmart along with other volunteers.  A job move took them away from the area but Rob and Erin always stayed in touch with us.

We have missed Rob and Erin but have always known that they truly loved their greyhounds.  Ares (and the remaining greyhound Femi) made moves around the country and we enjoyed hearing from them over the years.  Although we are sure that Rob and Erin are sad to have lost Ares, we are so grateful that Ares found such a wonderful home where he was so loved.

Rest in peace Ares; you will all meet one day at the Bridge.

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